Your Roof Is Leaking: What to Do Next

Photo via Unsplash Whether it’s a subtle drip or large gush of water, it’s never pleasant to find out your roof is leaking. When you discover a roof leak, it’s important to spring into action right away to minimize any potential damage to your house and property. If you’re stuck wondering what you should do […]

3 Reasons Your Budget Needs a Home Repair Fund

Are you actively planning for home repairs or crossing your fingers and hoping they don’t happen? If you’re lucky, you might avoid major problems for a year or two after buying your house. However, maintenance is an inevitable part of homeownership, and eventually, you’ll face your first big repair bill. When it happens, will you […]

Your Guide to Organizing a Small Home

Your Guide to Organizing a Small Home Author: Julian Lane of the The Fix it Champ Organizing any home can be difficult, but finding a place for all your stuff in a small house can be particularly troublesome. Whether you live in a city apartment or country cottage, not having enough storage space can become […]

Reasons to Remodel During Winter

The cold season, along with inclement and disruptive weather, may represent the time for you to take off and relax next to a fire under a blanket. But the winter season is the perfect time to remodel your home! Summer months are not always the best time to remodel your home, as there are many […]

New Kitchen Trends for 2019

As we turn the page on 2018, we also turn the page on old kitchen trends. Out with the old styles and in with the new. If you are looking to remodel your kitchen or spruce it up a bit while keeping up with the trends then follow along. Dark Colored Kitchens are in Dark […]

Inspecting Your Roof for the Winter

As the weather continues to get colder, snowfall will eventually follow to southeastern Pennsylvania.  While snow covered roofs look beautiful, if your roof is not ready for the snow it could cost you big time.  Roofs in southeastern Pennsylvania last about 20 years, so it’s important to get it examined by a professional when it […]

The Importance of Cleaning Out Your Gutters

Cleaning out your gutters twice a year, usually fall and spring, is a ritual all homeowners should embrace. Clogged gutters can cause a number of nuisances for homeowners. And if you live in a home that is surrounded by trees, you might want to think about cleaning out your gutters more frequently. Here are a […]

Home Remodeling Projects for the Fall

The air is getting cooler. The leaves are starting to fall. Now is the time to act on all of those home remodeling projects you put off all summer. The fall is a great time to prepare for winter and keep your home updated and fresh all year round.  Roof Repairs Leaks in the roof […]

Exterior Home Maintenance for End of Summer

Summer has brought some crazy weather for the Delaware Valley in 2018. There have been heat waves, torrential downpours, floods and some strong winded storms. With colder weather fast approaching, it’s important to check your home’s exterior and make sure there is not any home damage. Carranza Roofing & Home Remodeling put together a quick […]

Why Summer is the Best Time to Replace Your Siding

Are you thinking of replacing your home siding this summer? A big mistake homeowners can make is letting their siding fall off, crack or break before even thinking of replacing it. This exposure can lead to very expensive weather damage to your home’s interior structure. Here are three reasons that homeowners should consider for their […]